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Transforming businesses with hyperautomation 

Nagarro | México

Hyperautomation, powered-by AI, has led to next-gen technology innovation across the globe and brought in significant gains for large-scale organizations. For one of Asia’s leading automobile manufacturers, Nagarro deployed a hyperautomation solution to automate its vehicle inspection process. This helped the manufacturer achieve increased efficiency, reduced assessment time, and more than 90% accuracy in inspection results across its vast network of 2500+ car dealerships. 

The vehicle inspection process involves assessing 10+ external defects such as dents and scratches for more than 100 vehicle models. The existing car evaluation process based on heuristics led to highly variable assessments and suboptimal accuracy. Erroneous evaluations caused customer dissatisfaction and jeopardized new sales opportunities.

The client sought a solution to optimize the inspection process and enhance the customer experience. Nagarro worked with the client in the ideation and development of several AI-ML use cases. One of the first use cases to be developed was an AI-assisted vehicle defect detection solution. A tablet-based solution with built-in positioning guidance was engineered to automatically capture standard images of car components. These images were processed in real-time to identify the type, location, and severity of the external body defects, including those not visible to the naked eye. The solution assisted the evaluators in standardized inspections and enhanced the customer experience. 

Nagarro’s machine vision-based solution can:

  • accurately detect external defects without human intervention
  • optimize several business processes such as quality control in manufacturing and supply chain
  • streamline inspection at service centers, and
  • facilitate error-free insurance premium calculation.

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