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Keeping app development quick & simple with low code

Sachin Vijan| Nagarro | México

Have you ever wondered how many people in the world know how to code? An Economist report states that as of 2021, 25 million people were ‘fluent in programming languages’, 1.4 million less than the required number. And this gap will widen to 4 million by 2025. The number of applications being developed keeps growing and is likely to reach 500 million. That is equal to the number of applications developed in the last five decades. So, how do organizations bridge the gap? The answer is Low-code. Low-code automates every step of the application lifecycle to enable the rapid delivery of various software solutions with minimal coding.

At Nagarro, we are extremely excited about the possibilities that low-code offers. We have helped several global clients use platforms such as Mendix, Microsoft Power Apps, Simplifier to develop scalable applications much faster. From identifying the client's concern areas to choosing the right platforms and creating a roadmap for prototype development within the first 60 hours, we believe in helping clients achieve true enterprise scalability across the identified mix of lighthouse applications.

The vehicle inspection process involves assessing 10+ external defects such as dents and scratches for more than 100 vehicle models. The existing car evaluation process based on heuristics led to highly variable assessments and suboptimal accuracy. Erroneous evaluations caused customer dissatisfaction and jeopardized new sales opportunities.

One of our recent projects involved developing a low-code platform solution that included ingesting all the data into PowerApps-based forms and implementing workflows by using Power Automat. This was adopted across the enterprise in the US and Europe and significantly increased process efficiency. We designed and delivered similar solutions to clients across retail, manufacturing, and BFSI.

For us, the low-code story has just begun, and it gets more exciting by the day. A recent study done by Nagarro and NASSCOM estimates that Global Low-Code Development Industry stood at $13.8 Bn in 2021 and will grow at a CAGR of 28.1% from 2021 to 2025. Our co-founder, Manas Fuloria believes that "Low code technology can transform the face of the tech industry and help unseat old, established solutions allowing us to do things in all-new innovative ways."

Check out the report for more insights on the low-code market.