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Santa Clara MOBI

Author Ángeles Vela | Csoftmty | México

The Nuevo León Software Council from 2021 undertook the task of linking with key Mexican Embassies and Consulates for the region and the IT Industry in this moment, in order to do business and learn about what is being done in other countries regarding to Technological Innovation. One of the consulates with which there had already been a lot of relationship has been San José California, due to the great team that the consulate has, they have been linking companies and organizations in California with the Nuevo Leon Information Technology Ecosystem.

One of the links that we began to forge in 2021 was with Santa Clara University, through the Presidency of Csoftmty and the Vice Presidency of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, specifically with the My Own Business Institute (MOBI) within the Leavey School of Business. , MOBI provides business learning with personalized business fundamentals adapted to the opportunities and needs of specific groups through partnerships, in this case oriented to the companies of the Nuevo León Information Technology cluster: Csoftmty. This program will be focused on:

  • Inspire and train people in the cluster on how to better run their business.
  • Improve existing offerings by adding a comprehensive curriculum for entrepreneurs or new projects in companies, such as a new program.
  • Provide self-paced curriculum / courses with no prerequisites or time constraints for those who want to specialize in the business area.
  • A 100% virtual program.
  • The contents and resources are according to the needs, desires and opportunities of the cluster associates.
  • Monitoring students and their progress with teaching and management skills.
  • Reward the achievements of those who complete the course and pass the final exam with a Certificate of Completion provided by MOBI / Santa Clara University and by the Csoftmty

We thank the consulate of Mexico in San José California, Santa Clara University, MOBI for this great connection that we hope will support large projects that are already started or are already gestated in Mexico, we are sure that it will be a hotbed of large projects and large companies.